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Updated: 21/02/2024

Acceptable Use Policy


This document, known as the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), is a critical part of your Hosting Agreement with Nova Hosting. It outlines the types of activities that are not permitted on Nova Hosting's services and by using our services, you agree to comply with this policy. Should you, or anyone using your account, engage in prohibited activities, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account.

Nova Hosting's AUP is designed to protect our service, our customers, and the wider internet community from misuse, illegal or irresponsible activities. The following list details prohibited actions but is not exhaustive. Nova Hosting may revise this policy at any time and updates will be available at

Prohibited Activities on Nova Hosting Systems and Services:

  1. Illegal Material: The transmission, storage, or distribution of any material that contravenes any relevant laws or regulations is forbidden. This includes copyrighted, trademarked, trade-secret, or any intellectual property without authorization, as well as any obscene, defamatory, or illegal material.

  2. Spam: Sending Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) through our servers, or promoting resources hosted on our servers through spam sent from other service providers, is not allowed.

  3. Mailing Lists: You must obtain express, verifiable consent to include an email address on a mailing list. All mailing lists must be operated on a "Confirmed Opt-in" basis, and records of consent must be maintained.

  4. Abuse of Services: It is prohibited to advertise or offer any software, product, or service that is designed to infringe upon this AUP, or that of any other ISP, including but not limited to initiating denial of service attacks or the facilitation of spam.

  5. Spamhaus ROKSO: Services must not be operated on behalf of, or associated with, entities listed in the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations.

  6. Unauthorized Access: Attempting to access or accessing accounts or resources that you are not authorized to use is prohibited.

  7. Fraud: Services must not be used to obtain or attempt to obtain service by any means with the intent to avoid payment.

  8. Interference: Unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction of information belonging to Nova Hosting customers or end-users is prohibited.

  9. Harassment and Attacks: Activities designed to harass other users or to cause a denial-of-service to other users are not allowed.

  10. Torrents and TOR Relays: Hosting of torrent sites, TOR exit relays, or similar services is not permitted due to the legal risks they can pose.

  11. Crypto Mining: Usage of our services for crypto mining is not allowed unless the service is explicitly advertised for that purpose.

  12. Network Interference: Using Nova Hosting's services in a way that adversely affects other customers or the network is not permissible.

Responsibility for Users

Each Nova Hosting customer is responsible for the conduct of their users and must ensure they comply with this AUP. We will direct complaints to the customer's postmaster for resolution. Nova Hosting reserves the right to take appropriate action against any customer found to be in violation of this AUP without prior notice.