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Updated: 21/02/2024

Fair Use Policy

By utilizing the services provided at, you are consenting to comply with our policies, all pertinent regulations and laws, and you acknowledge your responsibility for adhering to any applicable local laws. Should you disagree with any aspect of these terms, you are not authorized to access or use this website. The content of this website is safeguarded by relevant copyright and trademark legislation. Any infraction of the Terms will result in the immediate cessation of your account and service usage rights, without reimbursement.


At Nova Hosting, we prioritize delivering an optimal experience for our clients. Our Fair Use Policy is crafted to guarantee equitable and reliable access to our network services for all users.

1. Purpose and Scope

Our core service offering is dedicated to hosting game servers. This policy delineates the permissible use of our network resources to satisfy the needs of our gaming customers and to avert possible abuses.

2. Game Server Usage

Clients may freely utilize network resources for conventional game server operations, including data transfer related to games, updates, and other necessary actions for the operation and upkeep of a game server hosted on a Nova Hosting VPS, virtual dedicated server, or bare metal dedicated server.

3. Network Usage Limitations

a. Proxies, VPNs, and Tunneling: Clients may configure proxies, VPNs, or tunneling services on their servers within a maximum data transfer limit of 1TB per month. Surpassing this quota could lead to temporary restriction of service or additional fees, or in extreme cases, suspension of service for high-risk behaviors.

b. Media Streaming Services: Operating media streaming services via our network is expressly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, video and music streaming, as well as live broadcast services.

c. Speed Test Servers: It is not permitted to utilize our network resources for hosting speed test servers or similar bandwidth-testing applications.

4. Monitoring and Compliance

We rigorously monitor network utilization to enforce this Fair Use Policy. Clients found in contravention may be subject to a warning, interim network speed limitations, or in serious instances, suspension of their account. We value transparent communication and will attempt to reach out to any client who breaches this policy before taking corrective measures.

5. Questions and Clarifications

Should there be any uncertainties regarding permissible activities or usage, we urge you to reach out to our support team. Our aim is to support every client with the necessary resources while preserving our network's integrity and performance.

6. Policy Updates

Nova Hosting maintains the right to periodically revise this Fair Use Policy to reflect new technologies, challenges, and client requirements. Clients will be kept informed of any significant alterations.

Responsibility of Nova Hosting Clients

Each Nova Hosting client is accountable for their users' conduct and, by accepting our services, agrees to ensure that their customers, representatives, or end-users comply with this Policy. Complaints concerning the users of a Nova Hosting client will be redirected to the client's postmaster for resolution. Should breaches of the Nova Hosting Acceptable Use Policy occur, Nova Hosting reserves the right to discontinue services or to take necessary measures to prevent the offending client from further violations of Nova Hosting's AUP, at Nova Hosting's discretion and without prior notice.