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What hardware do you use?

All game servers are hosted on enterprise-grade Ryzen 9 or the latest-generation Xeon CPUs, with NVMe storage, a 1-gigabit uplink, and DDR4 RAM. We allocate dedicated resources to each client to ensure smooth performance.

Will my performance reduce at peak times?

No, your server has dedicated resources that you have paid for, which no other user can access. We place each client in their own environment that is inaccessible and unaffected by others, ensuring there is no impact from 'noisy neighbours.'

Can I rent a game server for only 1 month?

Of course! You are free to cancel at any time; we don't hold you to any contract.

Is my server data safe?

All data on our servers is encrypted by default; however, you are responsible for backing up your data to prevent any potential loss, corruption, or issues due to bugs. That said, we do offer managed backup slots for an additional fee. This service provides automatic backups of your game server at a time of your choosing, which are stored off-site for added security.

Can I run mods/plugins on my server?

Yes, you are free to customise your server as you see fit.

How quick will i receive my game server?

Once payment has been processed, your server will be automatically set up by our system. This typically occurs within 1-3 minutes after the payment has cleared. However, if additional fraud checks are necessary, manual activation by our staff will be completed within 12 hours.